Al Azhar Park di Kairo, di Kejauhan Nampak Masjid Mohamed Ali Pasha

Best Spot for Running in Cairo

I like to run. I run minimum 10 kilometer every week. I want to share the best spot for running in Cairo. You can choose this place if you stay in Cairo.

  1. Pyramids and Sphinx
    It was amazing to run near the pyramids. If you want, you can do it before 8.00 am. Because after this time, the weather will be very hot. Except you do it during December-February due to winter season.
    I took this picture from Cairo Runner’s fan page.

    Run in Pyramids

    Run in Pyramids
  2. Nile Corniche
    I join running event in Nile Corniche 4 times. Every running event held on Friday, it’s mean it is holiday for me.┬áIt was amazing experience to run in the Nile Corniche. Every weekend many events held in the Nile corniche. It just need your willing to come there.
  3. Al Azhar Park
    You have to pay 5 EGP for Egyptian and 20 EGP for foreigner to enter Al Azhar Park. But it’s valuable. You can run under the trees with cold weather. You have to do it in the morning because afternoon this park will be very crowded.

    Run in Al Azhar Park
  4. Child Garden
    Child Garden or we call it Hadikah el Tefl is located in Nasr City. It’s near City Star Mall. You can run around the garden as you want. The air here is fresh. I used to did it during winter in the night.
  5. Sheikh Zayed City
    Sheikh Zayed City is located in 6th October City area. You have to pass Giza City to reach Sheikh Zayed.

    Run in Sheikh Zayed City
  6. Madinaty
    Madinaty located at 20 km from Cairo. The location is very nice. Green view, clear air, and not crowded as Cairo. You have to try it. Enjoy to run in Madinaty. Best place I ever lived.

    Run in Madinaty

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