Customer is not number 1 in Egypt

Customer is not number 1 in Egypt

4 September 2015, it was held in National Customers Day in Indonesia. My friends through social media, they campaigning on the importance of giving excellent service to each client/customer.

How about in Egypt?


Do not expect more.

If you ever lived in Egypt you must know that customer is not priority. They work as they want. If they are in good mood, they will serve well. Otherwise, if they are in bad mood they will serve as they want. And mostly, in good mood or bad mood they serve for their own.

As example my problem now. My friend register an INTERNET application to TE Data. TE Data is an INTERNET provider in Egypt. It was already 1 week and the INTERNET connection still not installed yet. When we called to the customer service, there is always reason from them. Reason about error network, too many customer complaint, employees get vacation, etc. And the worst things is, customer service end up our call when we ask too many questions.


Not only customer service (CS) in telephone. CS in office also act like this. We already go to the office 4 times and management just said: “Yes Sir, we will fix this problem”. But until now no any action from them.

What the hell man. Is this the name of customer service? The people in Egypt. Oh.. they work as they want. Customer is not number 1.

I hope TE Data read this message.

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