How to Fix Error 1009 in iPhone?

I live in Sudan and during 2 weeks I have problem with error 1009 in iPhone. I can’t download anything from the Appstore, even from iCloud. So, what I have done to fix this problem?

  1. Error 1009
    If you see this error code, you can’t install anything from AppStore. Even you can’t download from your iCloud.

    Error Code 1009

    So, what is the solution?

  2. Install VPN
    Just visit website
    And click Sign Up in the menu. Fulfill all the information there. landing page
    Hide.Me Landing Page

    After you completely fulfill all the information, then login into menu area.

    Login Menu in Hide.Me

    After login, just choose what server you want to use.

    Server Option

    Remember, this VPN is available for 1 month. So, during 1 month, download everything you need from AppStore. Or, install again with different mail.

  3. Connect to VPN
    Connect to your VPN. Here I use IKEv2 to connect to the VPN.
    Just fill the server name, username, and password (you got it from website

    Setting VPN

    After you set your VPN Setting. You just need to connect or disconnect in the setting area.

    Activate VPN in one click
  4. Problem Solved

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