How to Create Travel Journal

how to create travel journal

Wise man said: Travel, as much as you can, as far as you can, and as long as you can.

Below is my recommendation to immortalize your memory. Due to our brain memory is limited, and we are growing to be old, make travel journal is a good legacy for your grandchild. This is base on my experience when I visit some places.

  • Bring camera, if you do not have digital camera, camera from your mobile phone is enough. Even me, I only use phone camera to capture every moment that I like.

    Use your mobile camera, no need to buy digital camera. Save your money to travel another place
  • Don’t forget to put any information in the photo that you took. The name, location, weather, your travel-mate, how you got there, how much cost you spent, and other important things. If you met your temporary love there, just write it. And I regret I didn’t write this part since the beginning.

    Good man always meet good man
  • If your camera battery is limited, you can only take photo then make your journal in your block note.
  • You can put your equipment that you bring into your journal. And you can explain which one is good, which one is not supposed to bring, or there is other thing that you forget to bring. This advice will help the reader to improve their travel plan in the future.
  • Talk with honest. If you think the destination is bad, crowded, dirty, or anything, if this make you disappointed, just write it. It will help you to be honest with yourself. It also will help the local authority to improve their service. Remember, you have to objective to talk about them.
  • You can use mobile app from App Store or Play store. It will help you so much.

So, are you ready for next trip?

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