Tirhal Taxi Online App in Sudan

Tirhal in Khartoum


Yesterday I was installed Tirhal Apps from my mobile phone. Here you can try how to install this Tirhal Taxi Online App in Sudan.

  1. Find the Tirhal Apps from Appstore or Google Play. Search with keywords: Tirhal or ترحال. It’s developed by Multi Brains LLC.

    Find the Tirhal Apps from Appstore or Google Play
  2. You can see the Tirhal icon Apps.

    Tirhal icon apps
  3. Tirhal will ask you to enter your phone number. This phone number is important for the Tirhal driver to call you when you make a booking.

    Enter the phone number
  4. Tirhal will send you a verification code by SMS. Once you receive the code, enter to the text box like below.

    Enter the SMS code
  5. Tirhal will ask you to enter your personal information as photo, name, phone number (automatic), email, and referral code (if you have). Until now, I do not know where I can get this referrel code. Then click OK.
    Enter your personal information

    Personal information has been submited
  6. Once you finished enter the information, your Tirhal App is ready to use. You can start to make booking.
    In Tirhal App you will see many Tirhal driver ready in your area. Just set your pickup location and Tirhal will choose the closest driver for you.

    Select the pickup location and make a booking
  7. Select the car that you need. You can choose Economy, Saloon, Prestige, Van, Truck, SUV, or Double Cab. The price is available below the car.

    Select your car
  8. Select the fares menu in the right corner of your Tirhal apps. You can see the fares, minimum fare, flag down fare, night rate, afternoon rate, or the additional rate per minute, or per kilometer.

  9. Confirm your booking and wait until Tirhal choose the driver for you.

    Confirm your booking and wait the driver
  10. Other menu
Edit your personal information
See your history
Enter the promo code
Send your comment to Tirhal

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