Greek Campus Cairo, My Place for Enjoy the Weekend

Location of Greek Campus Cairo

Greek Campus Cairo is my favorite place to meet new people and learn new things together. This place located near Tahrir Square. Just walk 10 minutes from Tahrir Bus Station and you will reach this place. Every weekend, I spent my time mostly in this place.

Discuss with colleagues

In Greek Campus Cairo you can choose what kind of course you want to take. There are English course, Human Resources course, Communication course, etc. If you like art, you can see art performance such as jazz, music, art painting, flash mob, etc.

Greek Campus English Course

I met many friend in Greek Campus Cairo. One of my tutor is Carly. She is American. I like her due to she was attractive and easy going.

Spent the weekend with new friend

Just relax your body after hours. See the garden, drink soft drink and get some chips. Enjoy the music in the yard. Sit down and read book. Or you can chit chat with the girl there. Hehehe

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